Platinum Beauty Shop by Corinne Olympios is your newest makeup obsession! With an initial launch of Platinum Lipsticks, these highly pigmented and long-lasting mattes and glosses will be an item that you never leave home without. 

Corinne has always been passionate about makeup and its ability to make herself and others feel more confident. Growing up, Corinne often found herself giving friends and loved one’s makeovers and loved being able to express herself through the colors and styles she chose. She has always had naturally full lips, so of course lipsticks were her favorite product.

While on her hit season of The Bachelor, Corinne always rocked bold color on her lips to help her stand out. Fans went wild and constantly asked her what products she was using and how to apply them. Corinne began mixing and matching her own colors to try and find that oh so perfect, “not your lip color, lip color” and the idea to create her very own shades came to life. The complete set comes with 4 perfect flattering shades and a plumper!



Corn is the color closest to Corinne's natural lip color with a hint of pink undertones for pop. Final Rose is another neutral pink color with a dusty pink undertone. Trench Coat is that amazing perfect nude, and Bounce House which was inspired by the "infamous" bounce house episode. Corinne blended shades to created this perfect hot pink/red berry combo that pops on every lip, and gives you that daring effect that in the past people used red colors for.


One of Corinne's other biggest struggles was lip liners. Ugh. Because Corinne's lips are so naturally full, lip liner would always look over-the-top on her and ruin the lip look. Corinne wanted to find a way to use a lip liner to keep the lipstick looking sharp without ruining the look of her natural lips or worrying about finding the perfect shade to match her exact lip color. Low and behold the invisible lip primer liner! It's the perfect lip liner in a celar that’s impossible to mess up! The priming aspect of it gives you get the best pigment and coverage out of the lip product you are using. Also, it gets rid of any dis-pigmentation and leaves you with even toned smooth soft lips! In love!


Finally!!!!! Drum roll please. Corinne LOVES the matte/velvet look but she always found herself putting a layer of chapstick or lip gloss over top of the colors to keep smooth and hydrated without all the unattractive cracking and peeling. The problem was that it would take away from the long lasting aspect of the products. So of course Corinne came up with a problem solver for this issue. Introducing the Platinum Lip Gloss Plumper. It's the perfect top coat for any lip color. The Platinum Lip Gloss Plumper douses the lips with a vanilla scented coat of sparkly hydration that can be worn over any color or even on its own. And of course it will give you that perfect amount of puff to your lips we all know we love and crave.

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